Ecopocalypse or Resurrection?

Josh Keyes was born in Tacoma, Washington. He earned his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992 and went on to earn his MFA from Yale in 1998. His deep connection to nature, artistic integrity, and higher-calling conceptualization could be considered directly and sequentially linked to all of the former. Having followed Josh’s work since early 2005 through close ties to David B. Smith Gallery, we have witnessed an evolution in both his craft and narrative, a narrative that rings true to us – to staggering proportions.

In uncertain times, where man, or at least most men have not fully grasped their connection to and impacts upon their greater environment, Keye’s foreshadows an impending ecopocalypse while simultaneously prophesying a realization, perhaps a complete resurrection where nature is once again made whole, and man again comes to appreciate her real value. Our hope is that it’s the latter and that Keye’s work is one signal among many prompting deeper thinking and a greater discourse about our connection to and impacts upon our natural environment.

Works from top to bottom:
- Emergence, 2010
- Sprout II, 2009
- Roar I, 2009
- Sowing, 2009
- Lifted, 2009
- Evacuation, 2009
- Shedding, 2009
- Drifting, 2009
- Entangle III, 2009
- Frenzy, 2009
- Raft, 2008
- Transplant II, 2008
- Exhale III, 2008