Because He Likes To

Multidisciplinary designer, Rob Angermuller (better know as Lifter Baron) shares his thoughts, collects the thoughts and work of others, and curates imagery at WE LIKE TO – because he’s compelled to do so. He does this alongside the exceptionally talented designer, Celeste Prevost (also his wife) and the duo’s close friend and frequent collaborator, genius art director, designer, maker of artful things - Joshua Wills.

While WE LIKE TO is fueled by three of the most dedicated and creative individuals we’re proud to call friends, we feel it’s important to show a little extra-special love to Rob. He’s been striving to up his contributions to the trio’s site and has been succeeding. Blogging, for lack of a better term, while certainly rewarding, is a time consuming and often challenging commitment to uphold. It requires vision, belief, and a unique, selfless passion for sharing. Rob upholds his commitment to his partners, peers, and growing readership because he believes that collectively they can make a difference, create an impact, inspire, and ultimately change the world for the better.

We’ve grown as thinkers, designers, and individuals alongside Rob, Celeste, Josh, and WE LIKE TO and we’re better because of it. Sharing, unfortunately isn’t for everyone. All we have to do is look around to understand that. But, for those who’ve embraced it, the rewards can be vast. So, here’s to sharing, friendship, commitment, belief, and pursuing a true path. It’s never easy, but it’s a lot easier with good friends around.

Local Hero type treatment by Lifter Baron for Elm And Oak