Design as a Practice

This past year has provided us a wealth of opportunity and a glimpse into the future. What we once perceived as a unique passion for a specific trade/craft/art/work has become a life practice and discipline; driven predominantly by two things: intent and transformation.

Intent as it relates to our practice is inspired by responsibility and thoughtfulness. For us, thoughtfulness implies a certain intellectual depth characterized by careful consideration. The intent and thoughtfulness we have cultivated over the past year is the basis for deciding with whom and precisely how we will expend our professional creative energies. Our intent as a studio is to practice responsible and thoughtful design.

Through our professional and personal practice we intend to bring about forward-looking transformations for our clients and their endeavors, within our community, and within ourselves. While we remain informed by the past, we have grown to openly embrace and even seek change. We believe that a willingness to adapt in order to improve will best prepare us to challenge the demands of the future.

2011. The Future.

Photo by Jamie Kripke, personal work from Huangshan, China

Larger image available at flickr.