Cargo / Folkert Gorter

Cargo is a web publishing CMS and community-building platform by Folkert Gorter in collaboration with Josh Pangell and Rene Daalder, as well as Jon-Kyle Mohr and Richard Cacares. The premise behind this publishing platform is that the “content” is the cargo.

Cargo’s goal is to dramatically increase the accessibility and exposure of creative individuals on the Internet, while aspiring to build a networked context that will contribute to the culture as a whole.

Since its release Cargo has evolved significantly, and in our opinion has come to embody all that a community-centered, CMS-driven publishing platform could hope to be – for now. In just the last quarter Cargo has released a barrage of both functional and aesthetic updates making the platform even more relevant. Per the Cargo “dev log” some of the recent releases/updates include:

- New Designs: Limelight (Available to accounts with Upgraded Membership), Kennedy, Biblio, xFeed, and others…

- Memcache (enabling most content to be served directly from memory offering faster load time and higher server throughput)

- Keyboard Shortcuts (offering enhanced navigation)

- A new video player (embeds externally hosted Quicktime H.264 and FLV video files)

- A new audio player (embed and plays MP3 audio, rendered by universal CSS – fully customizable)

*Cargo is but one of Folkert Gorter’s culturally transformative projects. Others include and but does it float.