The Vignelli Canon

The Vignelli Canon (available for download as a .pdf) has recently been published and released in print by Lars Müller Publishers and is available for purchase. In two sections, The Intangibles, and The Tangibles, and over the course of 110 pages, Massimo Vignelli outlines his guiding design principles and their thoughtful application. This book serves as both a comprehensive reference outlining the Vignelli approach to mitigating “vulgarity,” and a more introductory tool to better understanding and addressing typography, grids, composition, paper choices, sizes and a number of other common challenges the designer faces. It’s a must read and an asset of any designer library.

It is not the intention of this little book to stifle creativity or to reduce it to a bunch of rules. It is not the formula that prevents good design from happening but lack of knowledge of the complexity of the design profession. It’s up to the brain to use the proper formula to achieve the desired result.

– Massimo Vignelli