Lakeside Reflection - Photograph by Raymond Gehman Anemones and Soft Corals - Photograph by Paul Nicklen Baobab Trees, Madagascar - Photograph by Pascal Maitre Blue-Footed Booby, Galápagos Islands - Photograph by Wei Li Hur Brown Bear - Photograph by Zahoor Salmi Badwater Basin, Death Valley - Photograph by Dan Desroches Flamingos, Kenya - Photograph by Gina Pflegervu Samburu Elephants, Kenya - Photograph by Michael Nichols Whale Shark, Australia - Photograph by Brian Skerry Bighorn Sheep - Photograph by Trish Carney Lagoon, Iceland - Photograph by Mark Reimer Lioness, Kenya- Photograph by Ramesh Ratwatte  Ice Canyon, Greenland - Photograph by James Balog Monarch Butterflies, Mexico - Photograph by Joel Sartore Storm Clouds, Utah - Photograph by Steven Besserman Turtles - Photograph by Jose Manzanilla Wildebeests, Kenya - Photograph by Murray Macdonald Zebras, Botswana - Photograph by Robert B. Haas

Nat. Geo. – Photo of the Day

The National Geographic Society (NGS) has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888.

The NGS is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Their historical mission is to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world’s cultural, historical, and natural resources.

Renowned for their photography, the Society brings us all a little closer to mother nature and serves as a constant reminder of her grandeur.

In the immortal words of John Muir, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”